which shooting prompt did you choose for the past week, and why? in hindsight, do you wish you had chosen a different prompt?


I picked photographing beautiful pictures of ugly objects. I was going to choose the “photographing someone doing something to someone else” However I was too shy to do 70 photographs….I still think the topic I chose was very interesting, but I feel like photographing people would be a lot fun too.




are you noticing any changes or evolution in your ‘photographic vision’? any changes in how you are thinking and feeling, your understanding of and relationship to image making?



I think Im starting to focus more on the composition and the focus. For example when Im trying to shoot a object from close up, I try to make the background fade as much as possible so the object would stand out more. I also find myself to be willing to try different shooting angles while I’m photographing the same object. I would usually try shooting from the top, front, bottom, behind, or with a certain angle to get the perfect photograph I want.




select the one image from the previous week that you find most successful. can you write about why? is there something about how the image looks? is it something about how the image makes you feel or think? try to put your thoughts about this into words.


I really like the way that my photograph of my dead plants turned out. I love it because it does not only present the dead plants to the audience. It has good contrast between the object and the white background, and the focus is also very obvious. It makes me feel like what I’m looking at is something that has a story behind it. That time seems to be like a poem that has been written into the plants body as you can see the parts grows from light green to dark green then brown. It also has a intimacy since the camera angle is very close up and almost makes me feel like I’m a little ant trying to climb through the plants.