Week 11 reflective writing

the shooting prompt I choose for this past week is scenes that amaze me.
The biggest pleasure was seeing the actual scene. The scene i actually choose was the view outside my window. This week has been a very rainy/cloudy week so I’ve been having struggles shooting things with a good lighting. Before this morning, I had some pictures but they are not as good to be truly “amazing” to me. However, the first scenes I saw this morning totally stunned me. There is a big tree outside of my window, i am used to look at it all the time, but this morning when sun light shines on the pure golden leaves, creating a great contrast with the blue sky background. I felted like i was almost looking at a painting. An annoucement that nature made to tell me that fall is here. It was beautiful!

However, I had the struggle of actually capturing what i see. Because of how my building is constructed. I couldn’t open the window screens, making the scene darker in the camera. The images are not as lovly as what i see with my eyes 🙁

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