Butterfly and Ms. (with process)


This is a illustration study about light and colors. The image is about some royalty young princess reaching out to the butterfly. It all started with a simply doodle but I thought it would be fun to use it as a base to slowly build something up and Im really glad it worked out.

Painting process:

The very first doodle that took me probably few minutes to do.

Then instead of setting values, I decided to just paint down bunch of nice colors. (and of course the navy colored background to set the blue/purple base tone)

Then I removed the linework and went straight into details:

Adjusting the hand portions: 

Here I tried to paint the background with oil painting texture and tried different light sources (I have already decided the general light direction but not the actual light) and in the end i decided to put the light source out of the picture because I didn’t want it to cast strong shadows on the character:

Adding decorative gloves and the other hand:

Adding more lighting elements, sign and it’s done!

Thanks for watching! 😀


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